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Software Development

I am a professional software developer specializing in web applications but I also have a background in enterprise systems and database building.

  • Web Applications

    While I do a wide array of projects, my passion is web applications. There is always something new to learn and I love to constantly challenge myself to learn new things. I am most proficient in ColdFusion and JavaScript but am also building up my php skills. For work I have built a student portal, online schedule of classes, and employee portal that interfaces with an enterprise system backend through web services.

  • Enterprise Systems

    Since 2007, I have been part of a small team maintaining and improving a homegrown Student Information System. I am responsible for much of the interfacing with other systems and I have a great time tinkering and learning new things. I am an experienced Smalltalk and Java developer.

  • Database Building

    Most of my projects are database driven and dynamic requiring lots of planning and database building. I have thorough knowledge of MySQL and Oracle.

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  • Photography

    I have been an avid photographer since childhood shooting mostly BMX and tinkering with camera bodies. When the Canon 20D was released, I made the jump to digital and have taken thousands of pictures since. I am currently using a Canon 60D and loving it.

  • DIY Projects and Woodworking

    I love to get my hands dirty (although I do not dig splinters). I have done many projects ranging from hardwood floors and doors to sprinkler systems and minor electrical. I enjoy learning new things.

  • Bowling

    For the past couple years I have spent a night a week hanging out with good friends and having a blast.

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About Me

I like dogs.